The recipe of Amrakand or Mango Krikhand is a deliciously sweet Marathi dish made from ripe mango puree and loaded with curd or yogurt.

Amrakhand, mango shrikhand recipe, easy mango dessert


The amrachand or mango jack hand is one of the best fruit based, traditional Indian desserts. Srikhand is essentially a Maharashtrian dessert consisting of filtered yogurt or cottage cheese in suspension, powdered sugar and spiced with cardamom and saffron. Amrachand aka mango jack hand is made by adding crushed mango puree to the basic jack hand recipe. One of the easiest mango dessert recipes to make with minimal effort. The only part of preparing amrakand that takes time is making the hangy yogurt.

Amrakhand, mango shrikhand recipe, easy mango dessert

Amrakand’s recipe

At the height of summer, refreshments and chilled fruit desserts are part of our regular menu. During the warm months, I tend to make more yogurt than usual because we consume large amounts of buttermilk or flavored zest. My son Nehal wanted me to make a mango dessert with the usual smoothies and lassi. Yesterday I made two vegan desserts, a mango pudding without egg and a mango crichand.


Amrakhand, mango shrikhand recipe, easy mango dessert Amrakhand, mango shrikhand recipe, easy mango dessert

Amracadas puree, mango puree and yogurt or hanging cottage cheese.

Amarahanda was soft, creamy, smooth and melted in the mouth, in other words, it was just delicious. The Mango Crikhand recipe is a very simple and uncomplicated recipe with a minimum of ingredients. The quality of the ripe mango used in the Shrikhand Mango recipe is crucial. Use ripe, sweet and fleshy mangoes. Cottage cheese or yogurt should not be too sour. For a stronger or richer mango flavor, you can add more mango puree and incorporate pieces of finely chopped ripe mango. The dessert can be sweetened with honey or powdered sugar. The amount of sugar used depends on the sweetness of the mango and the acidity of the yogurt. Amrakand’s recipe uses two flavors – cardamom and saffron.

The consistency of the hanging curd, also known as chakka, is important for the smooth texture of the amracandy. The water or whey must drain completely, which may take a few hours. So it makes sense to have the yogurt filtered in the refrigerator, because the heat can make the yogurt sour if you have it filtered at room temperature. The hanging curd should be whipped until it is smooth and soft and has a consistency similar to cream cheese. Filtered whey can be used to make chapati dough.

Amrakhand, mango shrikhand recipe, easy mango dessert

Mango Gimp Recipe

Usually the Mango Crikhand is served as part of a roast or mashed meal. Amrahanda is also served as a dessert. Mango Krikhand is a common dessert in most Marathi and Gujarati households during summer as it is a fresh and tasty summer dessert. You can make a jackpot of it and freeze the mango. The kids love him and his gluten-free dessert.

How to make a shrikhand or an amrakhand mango.

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