Boondi raita is a simple and tasty yogurt-based side dish served with paratha or pulao.

Boondi raita is an Indian condiment made from curd or yogurt and served with spiced rice like pulao, jira rice or aloo paratha. Rita is an integral part of North Indian cuisine and there are many types of raita that are also served in salads. Onions or onions and tomatoes are the most popular in most Indian households, followed by cucumbers and bondi.

Boondi raita recipe, how to make boondi raita

Bondi Law

In South Indian cuisine, raita is better known as pachadi, for which tadka spices like mustard seed, asafoetida, dried red chillies and fresh curry leaves are usually used, which are poured over the pachadi just before serving.

Boondi raita is one of the easiest and fastest raita recipes you can make. Boondi is a light and crunchy chickpea flour-based snack that is a staple of salty snacks, chaats and Indian sweets. Boondi blend, South Indian style blend and Boondi Laddu are some of the items in which Boondi plays the lead role. Boondi can be prepared at home, although it is readily available in most department stores in India and in most Indian grocery stores outside India.

Boondi raita recipe, how to make boondi raita

bundi raita s tawa pulao

It is customary to keep the spice boondi or kara boondi, which is eaten as a snack with tea. When you prepare the raita, make sure you use a salty, unsalted and simple bondi. Usually, some home cooks soak the crispy bondi in hot water to soften them before adding them to the whipped yogurt. I find that soaking in water gives the bondi a sweet taste. So I add the crispy bondi to the grated yogurt spice and put it in the fridge for a few minutes so the bondi can soften and absorb the flavors.

The key to a perfectly tasting raita depends on a good quality curd. Use cottage cheese or thick yogurt, well packed. If you have watery cottage cheese, drain it for a few minutes and use it. Dahi boondi raita or any other raita can be flavored with different spices and herbs like roasted cumin or coriander powder, paprika, black salt, chili powder, mint or coriander leaves.

Boondi raita recipe, how to make boondi raita

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This bondi raita goes great with North Indian dishes like parathas and pulaos. I served bhundi raita with tawa pulao and masala paratha.

Learning to make a bondi ryta

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What is Wright’s Bundy made of?

Boondi raita is a raita variant from northern India, made with spicy yogurt and boondi (crispy balls of deep-fried chickpea flour). Cucumber raita, onion raita and spicy bondi raita are the three most popular raitas in Indian cuisine.

What is Bundy’s English name?

Is Wright’s Bundy good for weight loss?

The raita is prepared with cottage cheese, which is rich in protein and low in unhealthy fats. It is ideal for digestion and weight loss. However, adding boondi to raita can increase the caloric load as it is deep fried and contains too much salt.

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