Hot sauce from hell! Burning hot sauce after a meal is terribly hot. I can be surprised and confused because my tongue has been burning continuously for five minutes. But is there more than pure fire behind this super hot sauce, or is it just brainwashing? And how nice is it to be so incredibly warm? Let’s watch Burning After Dinner and see what’s under the hood.


If a hot sauce claims to be a mixture of large hot peppers and has a list of ingredients that tells you exactly what’s in it, then you know you can expect a high-temperature experience.

So you know I’m not joking, here’s a word-for-word list of ingredients: Chilli pepper, white vinegar, garlic, salt, ajwain seeds, amchur, wheat powder (rice flour, gum arabic, asaphoid, turmeric), ginger extract.

Yeah, it’s super hot, but it’s getting hotter with the heat down there. The amazing thing about the hot sauce is that even with this incredible spiciness, it brings out a really decent flavor after the meal.

Much of this is due to the use of fresh, super hot chillies, not chillies extracts. So you can really feel the taste of the natural sweetness and mist of pepper. But this sauce also leads with a good taste of vinegar before those dreaded Chileans arrive and hit the hammer.

Extracts of garlic, salt and ginger give this sauce that much-needed boost, making it balanced and somewhat smoother towards the bottom. Ajwain seeds and a bow give the mixture bitterness, earthiness. Ampoura (also called mango powder) gives a hint of fruity sweetness.

Burn with a spoon after eating hot sauce.

Overall, Karma sauce (brand of Burn After Eating) brought a lot of spices and exotic flavors into this hot sauce. It is difficult to reach a certain level of hot sauces, so be nice to them.

Note on sodium : In one teaspoon burn after consumption of 45 mg sodium per serving. But in fact, for the most spicy sauces, one or two strokes are no longer used, so the sodium content is quite controversial.

Heat balance

It says on the bottle: This sauce requires a high temperature resistance. Consider yourself warned. And I want to contradict him by saying that the police on whom the warning is written is the smallest!

Seriously, the list of chillies burned pretty crazy after dinner. It’s a secret combination, but it includes the love of phantom pepper, 7 hole primo, scorpion pepper, Caroline Riper and 7 hole brown pepper. Oh.

In total, Burn After Eating is on the Scoville scale with 669,000 heat units. It is incredibly hot, especially for the fresh pepper sauce instead of the extract. Compare it to a Tabasco scorpion (your scorpion squash) sitting at 50,000 SHU. Burning after a meal is about 12 times as hot. This figure is very close to the potential low-calorie heat of fresh phantom peppers (855,000 SHU).

Only extreme eaters and super hot fans have to play in this heat. He lingers on his tongue and after eating, he is left behind on his throat for more than five minutes. The shot comes as soon as you get the sweet taste from the top, and then it really starts to work.

But behind this heat, there’s still a certain taste. For super hot spicy sauces it is difficult to stretch this needle, but after a meal to burn, the daring ingredients combine well with great heat.

Ease of use

As with any extremely hot sauce, comfort is reduced to the amount of heat you can tolerate. One or two drops are enough for most people who are looking for warmth, but actually one or two drops only give off warmth and do not give off the taste.

It tastes good with chili, but I only used one drop in a bowl, so it was hot enough for my taste. I also tried a small amount mixed with my eggplant, and it was delicious, but I used so little! It’s just too hot to be eaten alone in large quantities. Unless you’re a crazy robot with hot sauce that feels no pain.

Burning after eating hot sauce also works very well if it is added to another spice base. Mix a normal wing sauce with a few points of Burn After Meal and you have a great combination. Again, the unique flavours of this spicy sauce won’t really come into their own, but you will have a lot of fun with it.

It’s not the sauce you want to pour quickly, that’s probably why they have the consistency of pasta, not the sauce. They knew they had to make it harder for everyone to pour this sauce because it was so wild.

Collection capacity

I like bottle tags. It shows a burning sheet of paper that has already crumbled to ashes at the edges. This is exactly the kind of journey your language will soon experience. It has that feeling of espionage (e.g. burning after reading) that contributes to the cold factor. The label and the common brand of the hot sauce, such as the sauce, do not deform and come from the packaging.


Prepare for a severe burn. Burn After Eat Hot Sauce combines a range of super hot peppers and coarse herbs. Surprisingly delicious, with 669,000 Saville heating units, it’s not for the shy. The small amount used by most users does not show how delicious the sauce is. (Amazon)

General Taste 4
Heat balance 4
Usability 3.5
Possibility of registration 4.5
X Factor 4

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

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