The recipe of dal pakwan, a Sindhi breakfast consisting of crusty flatbread and delicious dal chana sprinkled with green chutney.

dal pakwan recipe, how to make dal pakwan tasty sindhi food


Dal pakwan is a classic Sindhi breakfast that is one of the few Sindhi dishes I have enjoyed. I can eat it for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. A pleasant Indian delicacy that is hard to resist and addictive. Pakwan is a crispy baked flatbread made from flour or maida, whole wheat flour and carme or ajwain seeds. This crusty bread is served with a protein rich and delicately spiced khana dal, drizzled with green and sweet chutney and chopped onions. Dal pakwan is usually served for breakfast or brunch and is very popular with Cindy’s residents who serve it as a delicacy on special occasions, weddings and gatherings.

The recipe for dal pakwan is quite simple, easy to make and long as it consists of preparing the dough, rolling it into flat circles or roasts and baking it until crispy. It’s perfect for weekend brunch, as it’s filling and heavy on the stomach. Green chutney is a mix of fresh mint, fresh coriander leaves, green chillies, lemon juice and salt, while sweet chutney is made with tamarind paste, dates, jaggery and roasted cumin powder.

dal pakwan recipe, how to make dal pakwan tasty sindhi food

dal pakwan sindhi food

The paquan or crisp flat peeler is similar to the papdi or papri used to make papri chaat. The pakwan recipe uses all-purpose flour, although I used whole wheat flour for the dough, as well as all-purpose flour and semolina. Only flour with semolina can be used to prepare the dough. It is important to make fork marks on the rolled circle so that the pakuwan does not swell like a clean pakuwan and remains flat and crisp. Being heavy on the stomach, ajwain or star fruit seeds are added as they aid digestion and do not cause bloating.

Pakwan is served with a very fragrant dish of hana dal. This Khan Dal recipe uses a minimum of ingredients and a minimum of spices. The crushed gram Bengal is soaked in water for several hours and boiled until it is soft, retaining its shape. It is finely spiced with spices like cumin seeds, red pepper powder, amchur (raw mango powder) and garam masala powder. Using clarified butter or ghee significantly improves the taste of daal. Vegans can use oil instead of ghee. And I have to keep in mind that it tastes just as good when cooked in oil.

dal pakwan recipe, how to make dal pakwan tasty sindhi food

Chana gave the recipe dal pakwan

Dal pakwan, a traditional gem among Sindhi breakfast recipes that you must try at least once if you haven’t already.

We have already published on our blog the recipe for sweet green chutney.

How to make dal pakwan sindhi breakfast with a homemade recipe.

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