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It’s my failed recipe for the perfect butter crust. You can combine this cake recipe in your kitchen – it’s very simple!

When I started, I didn’t make many pies. Then suddenly I thought I had more cake recipes than I could imagine.

I guess I was a little scared at first to make a crust for the cake. Maybe it seemed too heavy. It was my job to find a cake recipe that was perfect every time.

Lucky for you I found two pie recipes I use over and over again. This light buttercream cake recipe is one of them, and on top of that, it’s my buttermilk cake recipe.

These two simple cake recipes are fantastic. If I don’t have buttermilk in the fridge, I usually make this buttermilk cake recipe.

This recipe is super simple and turns out to be perfect every time.

What you want in this oil crust.

  • Take it easy. Take it easy. It’s easy to make this crust for the cake. There are few ingredients in the cake crust.
  • It’s universal. This cake crust can be used to make cakes to taste or sweet.
  • It’s a little blurry. A super light cake crust, always baked in flakes and delicious.
  • The freezer is user-friendly. This freezer is for cake dough, so you can always have a piece in the freezer.

Ingredients for making butter cake with skin

  • Flour: For this recipe I use universal flour. My path to flour is King Arthur. I use their flour almost exclusively for all my cakes.
  • Salt: Use high quality salt. Kosher salt, sea salt or Himalayan salt.
  • Sugar: I use organic sand sugar. But normal sugar is also good. If you bake the cake, you can leave the sugar on the side.
  • Butter: Use unsalted oil and make sure your oil is very cold. Straight out of the fridge.
  • Ice water: Fill the measuring cup with ice and then with water. You won’t use all that water, but you’ll want to have enough cold water at hand.

How to make the perfect cake dough

There are two ways to make this cake: by hand or with a kitchen combination. I use the combine all the time in the kitchen. I don’t find any significant difference in the flakes of my pie crust between the handmade and the robot made crust.

Instructions for the food industry relating to cake crust

  1. Dry ingredients : Mix the dry ingredients in the work bowl (placed on a metal knife) several times to the rhythm of the heart.
  2. Butter: Cut the oil into cubes and pour it into the work bowl and pulser until the mixture looks like coarse sand.
  3. Ice water: Turn on the combine and slowly add water while working. Add enough water so that the dough starts to build up and moves away from the sides.
  4. Turn around: Place the cake mixture on a coloured surface: Pick up the dough into a ball with your hands.
  5. Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Cut the dough in half and form two slices of the same size. Turn it over with plastic and let it cool for at least four hours.

Cake crust instructions

  1. Dry ingredients : Mix and whisk the dry ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Butter: Cut the cubes and pour the oil into the work bowl. Use your fingers or a pastry chef to cut the butter into the dough.
  3. Ice water: Add half a glass of water and mix it into the dough on the spot.
  4. Turn around: Place the cake mixture on a coloured surface: Pick up the dough into a ball with your hands.
  5. Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Cut the dough in half and form two slices of the same size. Turn it over with plastic and let it cool for at least four hours.

PRO TIP : Freeze the oil and use a box-shaped grater for grating. Add the ground and frozen butter to the flour mixture. This step is an easy way to avoid having to worry about whether you are processing the oil into flour properly. Perfect, every time.

How to bake a Blind Cake Crust

Some cake recipes ask you to bake the crust blind.

This means that you have to bake the crust before adding the filling. It is usually found in whipped cream pies or in no-bake pies. Like my banana cream cake recipe.

Some common problems with blind crust baking are crust shrinkage and too high crust inflation. You can easily solve these problems by following the steps below.

Steps for Blind Cake Crust

  1. Make cake dough: Of course, I recommend either a simple cake batter in this bed, or my buttermilk crust. You only need half a prescription if you use one of mine. Remember, you can always make a complete recipe and freeze half of it for later.
  2. Let’s turn around: Roll out the cake batter and place it in the cake tin. You can produce a simple grooved edge.
  3. Take it easy. Take it easy: Cool the batter in the cake tin for at least four hours or until late at night. I also froze the crust of my pie for an hour if I don’t have enough time. Cooling the cake dough prevents shrinkage, and the colder the oil and water in the cake dough, the more flakier the cake is produced.
  4. Parchment paper: Cover the cooled crust with parchment paper. Add cake weights or dried beans to weigh the baking paper.
  5. The oven: Preheat the oven at 400℉. Bake for 15-16 minutes until the edges begin to brown.
  6. Doc-crust: Remove the crust from the oven and carefully remove the parchment and cake weights. Pierce the bottom of the crust with a fork. Slide the crust over the whole bottom every one to two centimetres or so. This will prevent the crust from exploding.
  7. Finish cooking: For an already baked crust, bake for another 14-15 minutes. Bake for an extra 7 to 8 minutes for a partially baked crust.

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Recipe for flake oil

Laura Reigel

It’s a simple recipe for stuffed pies. It’s a double-grit recipe. If all you want is a crust, you’ve got half the recipe.

Cooking time 10 minutes

Cooking time 40 minutes

Total duration 50 minutes


The cake in the kitchen

Spare parts 16

Calories 175 kcal


  • Put the flour, sugar and salt in a bowl equipped with a metal knife syringe. Pulse
  • Mix the dry ingredients by pulsing several times.
  • Add cold butter cubes to the work bowl. Pulse until the mixture looks like coarse sand.
  • Add a few tablespoons of ice water to the liquid glass dispenser. Pulse until the mixture comes together.
  • Maybe you should add a few tablespoons of water. The dough must be peeled on the sides of the bowl.
  • Treat yourself to a lightly rinsed surface.
  • Use your hands to work the dough together.
  • Divide the dough in two and cut two slices of the same size.
  • Wrap each slice in plastic foil and let it cool overnight. (at least 4 hours)


Calories: 175 kcal Carbohydrates: 15gProtein: 2gFat: 12gSaturated fat: 7gCholesterol: 31mgSodium: 148mgFibre: 1gSugar: 1gCalcium: 6mgIron: 1mg

The key word is all butter, brownie crust.

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