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How to Stock a Home Bar

How to Stock a Home Bar

If there was anything you needed to pass the tests in 2020, it was a drinks cabinet. Our house bar is not only bigger, but also more chic and sophisticated.

If you’re just starting to think about buying a house bar, you might be a little overwhelmed. What are the tools needed to place a bar properly at home? How hard is it to become your own bartender at home?

You don’t need a bartender’s license to make delicious cocktails at home, and you don’t need a capsule on every drink like at the local bar.

You can start your home bar with just a few key elements. In this post we’re going to talk about the bartending tools you need to get started, so you finally know what to do to get set up.

3 Basic guidelines for home bar storage

There are a few elements that are absolutely necessary to create a house bar. In addition to these three things, you can add things as they happen.

  1. What’s the ghost in the warehouse
  2. What tools do you need
  3. Glassware

Let’s dive into every category.

What kind of alcohol is in your beverage cabinet

The most important part of a homemade bar is the alcohol you are going to consume. You want it to be the drink you drink. No matter what you are told, you really need to think about what you like before you make a decision.

Personally, I like a bottle of each of the great minds: Vodka, gin, rum, tequila and whiskey. This gives you the opportunity to make any drink you want, so you are not limited by choices.

  1. Vodka is an incredibly versatile spirit that can be used to make a wide variety of cocktails, such as a Moscow Mule or Vodka Jimlet. It doesn’t have to be expensive. We offer cheap Tito’s or Smirnoff drinks. There are many different flavors of vodka that you can eventually buy. If you plan to make vodka martinis, you should also stock more expensive vodka. B. Grey Goose.
  2. There are so many different kinds of gin that it’s the one we have most often in our bar at home. You can get gins with a more botanical smell and taste, such as juniper, or a more lemony version. Gin and tonic is one of our favourite drinks, and we use everything from cheap Gordon’s to Seville’s orange-flavoured Tanquaray.
  3. Rum is used for large drinks such as Dark & Stormy or Mojitos. However, the two drinks use different types of rum, so it is always a good idea to stock up on white and brown rum. We also have a bottle of spicy rum.
  4. Tequila is what makes a delicious margarita, so you can’t live without it. You can get a cheaper bottle of tequila blank for margaritas and a more expensive bottle of tequila to sip, if that’s your thing. You don’t have to use expensive tequila to make a margarita.
  5. Whisky also has many styles, each with its own taste profile and characteristics. You can buy a bottle of whiskey for a sour whiskey and a bottle of bourbon for a Manhattan or a rye whiskey for a boulevard.

These are the basic spirits you need to have at hand to supply your bar. With these five types of alcohol you can make all kinds of drinks.

However, if you want to take the next step, we recommend that you store the following additional spirits and liqueurs.

  • Mescal
  • Aperol
  • Triple Sec of Cointreau
  • Kalua
  • Wormwood
  • Cognac


To be well prepared, you should also have a pair of blenders to prepare the drinks you want.

We always have these mixers at hand in case we want to mix something.

  • Tonic
  • Soda
  • Ginger ale or ginger ale
  • Sookie
  • Simple syrup
  • Bitter

Citrus fruit

You must also have lemons, limes and oranges on hand to prepare various cocktails.


A lot of cocktails need some kind of topping. Although it is not always possible to have these essentials, there are a few that you can keep in case they are more durable or very versatile.

  • Marasquin cherries
  • Rosemary, basil or thyme
  • Cocktail olives

Which tools do you need for your original panel

One of the fastest ways to get all the tools you need for your home bar is to buy a cocktail kit like the one below. It contains everything you need and comes with a stand or tray to organize everything.


Such a kit contains most of the tools you need:

  1. Cocktail Shaker: The most important part of the kit is probably the shaker. You just need a good, strong shaker that doesn’t rust.
  2. Jigger: The jigger is an hourglass-shaped measuring instrument with. One side of the jigger is standard and the other side is half the size (also called pony shot). You can use a jigger to measure the amount of alcohol to be added to each cocktail.
  3. Agitator: Cocktail stirrers are long sticks with a spatula at the end, very handy for stirring cocktails.
  4. Filter : The sieve is placed on top of the shaker so that you can pour the cocktail into the glass without adding ice or other ingredients to the mix.
  5. Pliers: With this small metal clip you can grab ice and transfer ice or other ingredients from the glass into the shaker.
  6. Bottle opener for quick and easy opening of beer bottles and blenders.
  7. Cutting board : You need a small chopping board to cut the lemon and lime or to make other small ornaments.
  8. Zester or clean: If you’re planning on garnishing smoothies, for example. B. with citrus peel or peel, these two utensils are very useful.
  9. Ice cream: If you don’t want to buy ice cream for every cocktail, you need a good ice cube tray or an ice cream maker. Some drinks benefit from different types of ice cream, such as. B. Crushed ice in a Moscow mule into a large block of ice. You can buy different types of bowls for different types of ice cream if you wish.

Glassware for your home bar

The last thing you need to open a bar at home is the right glassware.

It’s an area where you can really go crazy and get a set of glasses for whatever kind of drink you want to serve, but there are a few basic glasses to start with and then you can go from there if you want.

Martini glasses


Martini glasses are very handy in a house bar, so this is one of the first you should buy. You can serve any type of martini, Manhattan, or just about any mixed drink that comes directly on the table.

Cutting glasses


The goblet glass was used to serve champagne and can still be used for this purpose. We serve all kinds of great cocktails in these glasses, like Sidecar or Last Word.

Whisky glass (also called Roxa glass)


I think one of the most versatile glasses for your house bar is a whisky glass. It can certainly be used for whiskey, but also for any cocktail served on ice.

High sphere glass


The large spherical glass is high and thin. It is ideal for frozen drinks or rum and cola. You can also serve gin and tonic in this glass.

Beer glasses


There are many kinds of beer glasses. There’s a glass for almost any type of beer. Discover here the different types of beer glasses if you want to choose the right glass for the beer you drink.

A nice way to get different glasses is to buy a set of beer glasses as shown above.

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These items are designed to help you prepare a well-appointed bar in your home. If you start with these basics, you’ll have a great bar ready to go when the time is right.

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