Recipe for khichdi Masala, fast, easy to prepare, healthy and cozy a pan with rice, dal, vegetables and Indian spices

Masala khichdi recipe | how to make masala khichdi with vegetables, rice and dal

Masala Hihdi

The hichdi in all its universal manifestations is the food of the soul, be it the simple hichdi, the masala hichdi or the rich dal hichdi topped with ghee. There are many versions and variations of the humble khichdi, depending on each region of the Indian subcontinent. Each house has its own variation in terms of the spices used, the ratio of rice to dal, the lentils used and the texture of the cooked hichdi.

Masala khichdi = the best comfort food! This is the ideal meal/breakfast formula for those days when I’m in a hurry or out of vegetables and want to prepare one nutritious meal for the family.

Masala khichdi recipe | how to make masala khichdi with vegetables, rice and dal

Vegetables Recipe Khichdi Masala

The recipe of khichdi Masala, a rice dish that is easy to make with a few everyday ingredients. The addition of a few spices changes the flavor profile of rice and lentils by leaps and bounds. Rice and Dahl are definitely a pair made for heaven. Turmeric powder gives a nice yellow color to khichdi masala. I love the versatility of this dish, which can be prepared with any combination of vegetables or herbs and ends up having a comforting taste.

Some tips for the preparation of Masala Khichdi

This instant masala khichdi can be prepared in a rice cooker or pressure cooker if you are in a hurry. Instead of garam masala powder, use whole Indian spices like cloves, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom and bay leaf. Whole spices add a delicate aroma and flavor to rice and lentil dishes without overpowering them. You can add any vegetable such as carrots, potatoes, green beans, peas, onions and tomatoes.

I prefer Jira rice, also called Chitti Mutialu in Andhra and Jiraga Samba in Tamil Nadu. It is a short grain with an aromatic taste. When I make Hichdi masala, I like to use a mixture of dals including yellow dal moong, dal arhar or dal tur and chana or a split green dal gram.

A combination of ghee and oil can be used to fry vegetables. If you want a rich flavor, use ghee. However, I should point out that this instant pot roast is also delicious with vegetable oil.

If you want a soft hihchi texture, increase the amount of water. Those who have bad weather prefer a sticky hihdi that glows on the belly. The soft vegetable chichdi masala is a healthy and nutritious food for babies or young children. I like hihdi with a firm texture. So for one cup of rice, use 1/4 cup tur dal and 1/4 cup long dal and 3 cups of water. The stems of the coriander leaves, together with the aromatic curry leaves, give the khichdi a delicious taste. You can serve the masala khichdi with a pickle and yogurt or raita.

Masala khichdi recipe | how to make masala khichdi with vegetables, rice and dal

masala khichdi with cucumber and raita

This way you can offer your child a complete meal in his lunchbox.

How to make khichdi masala recipe

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