Recipe for mushroom masala, a curry sauce very popular in Indian restaurants, served with papati, lachcha paratha and pulao.

mushroom masala recipe, how to make mushroom masala

Masala Mushroom

I share with you a comfortable and very tasty restaurant-style mushroom curry masala with simple ingredients. A pretty simple and easy recipe, even for beginners or singles. This vegetarian dish is popular in most Indian restaurants and is usually served with naan, kulcha, lachcha paratha or other spicy pulao. Its silky softness, alluring appearance and delicious taste will warm your soul.

You can make many variations of curry masala with mushrooms by adjusting a few ingredients and spices. In today’s mushroom masala recipe, sliced mushrooms are cooked in a creamy, delicately spiced sauce with an absolutely addictive flavor. We start by sautéing chopped onions, ginger, garlic and green chilies and grind this mixture into a paste that gives body to the curry. The ground noodles are fried with blanched tomato paste and lightly seasoned with dried and roasted aromatic spices such as black pepper, cloves and cinnamon.

mushroom masala recipe, how to make mushroom masala

Masala mushroom sauce with paratha de Lacha

It contains just a few spices, and the main secret ingredient that gives the dish its creamy texture is cashews. I soaked the cashews in hot milk before mixing them into the smooth batter, and added them at the end of cooking. Coriander leaves give a fresh taste and colour to this dish of colourful mushrooms in masala sauce. Vegans can avoid milk and replace it with plain water or coconut milk. You can serve the mushroom masala sauce with chapati, naan, pulao and biryani. I served it with a lacha paratha and turned it into a delicious, warming meal.

Try the masala mushroom curry and you will surely be convinced of its taste and simplicity of preparation is often found in your kitchen. You must add this vegetarian delicacy to your repertoire of Indian recipes!

mushroom masala recipe, how to make mushroom masala

Recipe for Masala Mushroom

If you like mushrooms, you can try mushroom recipes like mushroom fries, fried rice with mushrooms and Indian style mushroom fries.

Learn how to make a mushroom masala recipe

frequently asked questions

How do you make a mushroom sauce from scratch?

Chef John’s Mushroom sauce All recipes

Can we eat mushrooms and paneer together?

Toast with cottage cheese and mushrooms is deliciously spiced and topped with tomatoes, onions, ginger, cottage cheese and mushrooms. The crispy breadcrumbs are fried with mushrooms and masala, then tucked between two toasted loaves. Mushrooms also contain a good amount of protein.

What is the bhaji mushroom?

Bhaji means roasted vegetables in Hindi – it doesn’t have to be a crunchy onion snack – and this mushroom bhaji is a quick, easy and colourful vegetarian dish for a midweek or Friday night curry. Serve with freshly cooked basmati rice or tortillas and lime slices.

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