Ner mor, a buttermilk recipe from South India, is a fresh and healthy summer drink made from fresh thick curd, green chillies, curry leaves and ginger.

Neer mor, South Indian buttermilk recipe, spiced buttermilk

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Neer moru or Neer moru is the Tamil name for buttermilk from South India, made from curd or yogurt. It is called majjiga in telugu, majjige in kannada and sambaram in Malayalam. It is a traditional refreshing yogurt drink that is perfect for the scorching heat of the summer months. It is similar to lassi, a sweet yogurt drink, but has a spicy taste with a high water content like chaa or mata.

In many homes in South India, you will find grandmothers and mothers filling clay pots with clean sea air during the summer months. Family members not only enjoy this easily digestible drink, but also offer it to guests. Neer mor is an integral part of the South Indian thali and is appreciated at the end of a meal as it facilitates digestion. Buttermilk has probiotic properties, hydrates and relieves fatigue and heavy sweating.

Neer mor, vadapappu panakam are offered to Lord Rama on the occasion of Sri Rama’s Navami festival. They are also ready to celebrate the Tamil New Year, which falls on the 14th. April 2016 falls.

Neer mor, South Indian buttermilk recipe, spiced buttermilk

spicy buttermilk recipe

I maintain an organic garden and grow curry plants, green chillies and fresh coriander among other things. It’s good to pick fresh herbs and use them in cooking, especially to make tasty buttermilk. In the summer, I make a morning batch every day. Each house has its own herbs, i.e. the herbs used in the herbal recipe for buttermilk. Some amateur cooks make a paste of green chillies and ginger, while others add chopped or ground green chillies and grated ginger to down mor. I like to add grated ginger and a pinch of green pepper. Once the down mor is fully flavored, I add the green chilies and serve. We should let Neer mor sit for a few minutes so the flavors can blend.

Another option is to add mustard seeds, asafoetida and curry leaves to down mor or majjiga. Use fresh, well seasoned curdled milk and fresh herbs to enjoy more of the real taste of down. One of the best drinks of late summer, healthy, refreshing and delicious.

Neer mor, South Indian buttermilk recipe, spiced buttermilk

Buttermilk recipe from South India

How to make a neor mor or South Indian buttermilk recipe.

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