Pine paratha, an Indian flatbread stuffed with whole wheat flour, homemade paneer, ghee, Indian spices and fresh coriander.


This breaded paratha recipe is easy, quick to make, healthy and delicious. Over the years I have tried countless variations of breaded paratha recipes, combining different spice blends, with and without onions. The mother of a friend of mine from Punjab taught me a very simple and uncomplicated recipe for paneer paratha, which is very popular with her family and friends. She even helped me perfect the kulcha recipe on my blog. I owe a lot to my Hindi speaking friends in the North who helped me perfect some of the dishes of North India.

Usually, most Punjabis like to make rich parathas which are filled with a large amount of ghee and can be quite heavy on the stomach. But the recipe for Punjabi paratha that I am sharing with you is definitely not heavy to carry.


grated paratha stuffing – preparation for paratha

I like to use a minimum of ingredients and spices to fill the plate, so that the paratha has a distinct plate flavor. Finely chopped green chillies and fresh coriander leaves complete the fresh paneer filling, giving it a vibrant and invigorating flavor.

At home, I usually serve breaded paratha with a side dish like green pepper pickles and raita. This makes the food incredibly tasty and nutritious. Sometimes, weather permitting, I make dal tadka, tomato and pepper curry or mixed vegetable curry as a side dish. But I especially like to eat it with achar, or mango, or green chili.

Ideal for children’s lunchboxes. Just pack the breaded paratha with a side dish that includes achar, raita or curd (yogurt). It is a great option for breakfast or brunch, but can also be served as lunch or dinner. To add a special touch to the basic recipe, you can add grated cheese to the pan filling. Make a breaded cheese paratha for your child as an after-school snack. Like most mothers, I always try to incorporate panera into Nehal’s diet, be it chili panera, panera pakora, panera sandwich or panera tikka.

For a dairy-free version, use tofu and replace the tofu with vegetable oil. I look forward to a Jain-style paratha in the next few articles.

Punjabi style paratha served with green cucumber, chilli, coriander and dahi (curd).

The whole wheat flour, breadcrumbs and melted butter used in this recipe are all homemade. I usually buy whole wheat grains to let them dry in the sun for a day or two, then grind them at a nearby mill. I use milk from desi cows (Indian hump cows) to make ghee and also pot. In the archive you will find articles about the production of ghee and also about the production of a plate.

I took an eight-month sabbatical to start blogging. The longest blog break I ever took. I appreciate your emails with questions about me and am glad to have such dedicated and caring readers. I am incredibly grateful and appreciate your love and good wishes. Thank you.

How to make a recipe for breaded paratha – ingredients, method and tips for making a perfect sweet paratha.

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