Recipe from Saravana Bhawan Kurma, Tamil Nadu hotel style vegetable curry, served with parotta, chapati, idiyappam, dosa or mashed potatoes.

Saravana bhavan kurma recipe | how to make the best vegetable kurma for parotta, idiyappam, chapati, puri

saravana bhavan kurma

Veg Kurma, just the mention of this word brings back fond memories of the delicious flavors coming from my aunt’s kitchen. The special dishes she prepared for special occasions remain in my heart and soul. One of the vegetarian dishes of his life is the popular Tamil Nadu Kurma recipe from the Saravana Bhavan Hotel. I diligently copied one of the best kurma recipes from my handwritten notebook of precious recipes. During her stay in Tirupati, she hired a Tamil-speaking cleaner whose husband was a cook in the kitchen of the Saravana Bhavan Hotel.

Saravana Bhavan Hotel is a very popular restaurant in Tamil Nadu. In fact, Saravana Bhavan restaurant chain exists in Tamil Nadu, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and some other cities as well as abroad. I have been going to their shops for a few years now, as I love some of Saravana Bhavan’s menus. I have visited their shops in different cities during our travels and temple visits. Honestly, I have to admit that the authentic flavors of Tamil Nadu cuisine they support have waned in recent times. Only one or two places serve the best quality vegetarian food.

My aunt learned some recipes from the chef at the Saravana Bhavan Hotel. It has collected a range of hotel recipes and traditional regional recipes. She prepares various kurma recipes like indiyappam kurma, parotta kurma, plain potato kurma, tomato kurma, chapati kurma and rice kurma with vegetables. Everyone has their own taste. I do my best to replicate the authentic flavors of my aunt’s cooking. I remember those precious and nostalgic moments in the kitchen. The homemade taste of this kurma recipe with mixed vegetables from South India is very close to that of hotel-style kurma.

Saravana bhavan kurma recipe | how to make the best vegetable kurma for parotta, idiyappam, chapati, puri

saravana bhavan veg kurma

The secret of Saravan Bhavan Kurma’s recipe that gives it an irresistible taste and aroma

Saravana Bhavan Kurma is much more than just Kurma. This dish looks almost like your everyday kurma, but with a difference. The addition of dried bay leaves, some fresh mint leaves and a unique temperamental spice give the kurma its irresistible aroma and deep flavor. This spice is a black stonecrop (a type of lichen). It is called kalpasi in Tamil, dagad ka phool or pathar ka phool in Hindi and kallupachi in Telugu. In fact, it is an essential ingredient in making Maharashtri Goda Masala. It is like a very light dried paper, like spices, that can be torn before adding it to the oil. When tempered, it gives off a strong aroma and adds an exciting flavor to the kurma vegetable mixture. You can find this spice in most grocery stores.

Saravana bhavan kurma recipe | how to make the best vegetable kurma for parotta, idiyappam, chapati, puri

kalpasi – black stone flower (a kind of lichen)

Basic Steps for a DeliciousKurma Hotel Style

Partially steam the chopped vegetables and blanch the cauliflower florets in boiling salted water for a few minutes.

The ingredients that give body and flavor to kurma are fresh coconut, green chilies, fennel seeds, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, cashews and roasted gram dal. They should be ground into a fine paste with the addition of a little water. Cashews add rich flavor and body to this restaurant-style kurma vegetable. In general, cashews are good for a creamy sauce, but toasted gram dal seeds or gobbledygook do just as well.

Finally, a spoonful of curd or lemon juice should be added to improve the taste of the kurma vegetable. This is an important step in the recipe of Saravana Bhavan Kurma. So don’t miss an opportunity. Vegans can use lemon juice.

Saravana bhavan kurma recipe | how to make the best vegetable kurma for parotta, idiyappam, chapati, puri

saravana bhavan vegetable kurma – the perfect side dish for parotta

You can serve Saravana Bhavan kurma with idiyappam, chapati, parotta, dosa and purification. It is a versatile vegetable kurma for rice and all other seasoned rice. I served it with vegetable pulao and it was a perfect combination. I encourage you to try this fantastic vegetable kurma recipe. I’m sure your family will be happy.

Learn how to prepare saravana bhavan kurma.

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