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Sharing holiday gifts with family and friends is best! This is a time of year when we can give things to our loved ones without shame. I’ve made a list of my favorite gift ideas and edible holiday gifts for the house!

Gifts for bakers

FOR A LIMITED TIME! !! Cookie Baking Course – This course can be a great gift for you. *** Registration for this course ends on the 10th day of the month. December. So sign up today and make cookies for the holidays.

Brad’s Mocha Mix – This homemade chocolate mocha mix is a great option for lovers of your strain. The homemade mocha mix is not only ideal for making morning mocha’s, but also for the best hot chocolate.

Brownies in the bank – Brownies in the bank remind me of a gift from the late ’80s. I remember my mother getting waffles, pancakes or even cookies. It’s like a box of cake mix, but better.

for confectionery lovers

Non-dairy Rocky Road Fudge – This incredible Rocky Road Fudge literally takes 5 minutes! It’s also milk-free, so it’s perfect for all the vegans on your list.

Butterscotch is a festive classic worthy of a host gift. Do it with or without nuts.

Rum Truffles – These delicious homemade chocolate truffles are a great gift, as long as you can take these pieces of chocolate happiness with you! I made them with rum, bourbon and even my favorite red wine. They’re divine!

The chocolate almond crust is so simple and elegant. No one will ever know you did it in the microwave.

Gourmet marshmallows – Homemade marshmallows are a fun and pampering gift. They are perfect to combine with a mocha mix. And you can use them in your Rocky Road Fudge recipe.

Citrus peels – A pair of candied peels with a good glass of tea and you have an elegant and cheap gift. Both grain-free and vegetarian! These sweet and citrus-like jewels are also used in my recipe for orange and cranberry sandwiches.

Peppermint candies are the call to party. They’re peppery and can be scratched like lollipops. These sweet mini biscuits are perfect with hot chocolate! Also a grain-free version.

Coconut Truffles – These little sweets are like little pieces of lollipop. They only have three ingredients and are vegetarian.

for low-carbon foodsfor low-carbon foods

Herbal notes – Beware of these fantastic notes! They make great gifts by wrapping them in a nice glass.

Herbal blends – Believe me, these herbal blends are not only delicious but also very easy to use – especially if you eat our kitchen bowls! For anyone on your list who makes these spice blends, add a ton of flavour to everything.

Sweet Spice Blends – This collection of herbal blends includes some of your favourite holiday seasoning, including Matcha Latte Mix, Golden Milk Mix and Pumpkin Pie Spice.

Kochbuch Ernährungsmonster – Of course I have to present my cookbook Low Carbon Cooking here!

Edible multiple donations

Coffee Scrub – This coffee scrub for the home smells like vanilla latte, moisturizes and tones the skin. As a bonus, if you’re a strawberry lover like me, this recipe is a way to consume the coffee grounds.

Home Hand Sanitizer – Hand sanitizer based on essential oils, easy to use and smells delicious. Since everyone uses hand sanitizers like outdoors or with style, you can always use a few extra bottles.

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