First of all. You must like that name. Tiger sauce. It’s as simple as that. Directly. And the package follows the fact that some kind of retro tiger is growling in your face. Ironically, Try Me Original Tiger Sauce is more of a sweet and spicy sauce than a sauce with a big bite of cat. But what will it be in terms of taste and balance? And how is this practically beyond the obvious use of sweet sauce? Let’s break it down.


There’s a pretty long list of ingredients, so let’s cut to the chase. Ingredients: Cayenne pepper, sugar, distilled vinegar, water, salt, crushed red pepper, xanthan gum, chilli pepper, caramel colour, sodium benzoate, hydrolysed maize protein, tamarind extract, natural flavour (contains anchovy), oregano, cumin, garlic powder. There’s fish in there, too.

Cayenne pepper is at the top of the list, but as said, it is not an excellent thermal sauce. In fact, the heat is surprisingly low to put the Cayenne at the top of the list. It is rather the sugar and vinegar that follow the central scene to the taste of the tiger sauce. You can feel the taste of these cayenne peppers in your first bite, but you immediately come across the vinegar and sugar mixture that makes these endorphins in your brain sentimental.

Tiger sauce is the sweet and spicy mix that is so exciting in sauces and marinades. It reminds me of General Tso’s sauce, because it has that sweet taste that makes you come back. It’s hard to stop. But seriously.

Garlic powder and other herbs are more what you notice after a few bites. They give the aromatic profile of the tiger sauce a certain depth. But the truth is, this sauce is made with sugar and vinegar.

Try my original tiger sauce on a spoon.

Heat balance

With a name like Tiger sauce you probably expect the sauce to be at least moderately effective. That’s bad luck. It’s a soft heat that disappears quickly. The spice hits you in the back, and the more you smell it, the more you eat it, but he’s just a warm young man. Sugar and vinegar really dampen the punch, so they don’t attack you with almost total force.

The Tiger sauce doesn’t indicate a Scoville result, but if we had to guess, it would be in about 500 blocks of Scoville heat. This is less than the consumption of fresh peppers and no less than the potential of cayenne pepper (30,000 to 50,000 SHU.) It is perhaps half the heat of Srirach.

So the balance is not what I expected from the name, but if you ignore it, it will be a very good sauce. Not the hot sauce.

If you’re looking for something familiar. Everyone in the family can taste it, and if they like spicy candy, they go crazy.

Ease of use

Sweet sauces are often more versatile than you might think, and this is certainly the case with tiger sauce. Because it is a fine sauce, it is perfect for a chicken or pork marinade. It also gives new life to tofu at a speed of a ton. This sweet taste kills it in the morning with eggs and toast. Delicious on tacos and not to forget seafood, especially shrimps. Tiger sauce is an excellent alternative to cocktail sauce.

It is easy to experiment with this sauce because it is not too spicy or too sweet. It’s just full of flavor and very edible heat.

Collection capacity

When I started, I must have loved the label. This roaring Bengal tiger looks cool, a bit like a 70s retro between writing and color. It reminds me of what a school mascot looks like. This bottle is easy to see and makes a clear statement. Because of this fine sauce in a glass bottle you can also see fresh pepper. It’s just tempting.


If you like sweet and spicy sauces like General Tso Sauce, Tiger Sauce is a slam dunk. We were expecting something hotter (and the balance could be better there), but it’s a sauce that everyone can enjoy. (Amazon)

General Taste 4.5
Heat balance 3
Usability 4.5
Possibility of registration 4
X Factor 4

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

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